Sun Setting On Our Field, by Rainer

Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give this world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its

We all remain




Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wildness to Spare

"Welcome to the Jungle", photo by Rainer

Ok, ok, that title is an exaggeration, AND a now-classic rock song, but this is the wrong bio region. The yard does have a damp, dense, subtropical rainforest feel to it in some spots.

We've got photos of our wildness to share, including a tour of some garden highlights with Frida and a baby bunny as docent.

Above is how big one of our two bunny sisters is now.
Below is how tiny they were when they came to us.

Poppies grew taller than children this year.

Wild peas and staged bunny eating happened!

The asparagus and parsley bed was great this summer. If we keep it going it could produce for 20-30 years!

Woolly bear on rock roses. Normal, comforting, reassuring.

Ooo, a bull thistle spilling it's seed all over the yard. A metaphor for life. We take heed of it, stay vigilant, protect ourselves and solve the problems of a thorny situation as best we can.

Now what is this business on a river willow leaf?! I'd love to know.

Speaking of funny business, we're enjoying visits from the neighbor animals.

You never know when a chicken will be in the strawberries.

Or ol' #1499 will greet you from behind a fence.

Or a goat like this will follow you down the street.

No shame about where he relieves himself.

So you might need to herd him to Wanda's house.

He can stay there with her impressively horned goats until someone claims him.

So at any time you may need to put up a sign so Wanda doesn't have to.


Otherwise, we were delighted that our comfrey could be used to heal someone Shelley knows.

We finished up at the farm class for the season.

With winter almost here, there will be less of things like setting up a scientific-looking krabby patty secret formula lab.

We were lucky to have a wildlife encounter in a neighbor's yard at a party with Nature Joe.
Look at that 9 foot python! When it gets to about 12 feet, Joe says he might not be able to control it.

LinkHe had snakes, roaches, scorpions, a tortoise, all for holding.

Just like our bearded dragon lizard at home.

Now we will slow down. According to plan, Rainer spent pre-hibernation week getting as much done as possible.

And the hole just gets deeper.

It IS time for winter. Rainer is hibernating.

Thanks for reading this update. Happy Hibernation!