Sun Setting On Our Field, by Rainer

Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give this world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its

We all remain




Monday, October 26, 2009

Belated Bloom Day, October 2009--photos by Frida

She reminded me of bloom day, took the pictures, and reluctantly allowed Rainer to take one of her. Now she's looking over my shoulder helping identify.


Another kind of fuschia, maybe the most amazing flower I've ever seen.

Dandelions around the edge of the big hole. Rainer's back at it after taking the summer off from digging.

Daisies with a stunted red poppy.

Don't know what they are but they survived a lot of neglect before they were put in the ground.

Another survivor-thriver that loves shade. Violets?

This giant sequoia redwood is growing at an alarming rate! Started from seed, Rainer claims urine is the best fertilizer for this species.

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